Thursday, April 18, 2013

Peanut Butter Waffles

Or, alternately titled, The End. Like, this is as good as it gets people. Yeah so maybe waffles with peanut butter are my favorite food to begin with, but that's besides the point. I'm being totally impartial here.

Delectable. Luscious. Divine. Usually used to describe some garbage like chocolate mousse, right? Whatever because these are so moist that you can HEAR your fork cutting into them. I've been waiting a long time for this day, so you'll excuse me if I ramble on a bit about lakes of peanut butter overflowing with dripping rivulets of syrup.... sexy, right? The important thing here, besides the waffles themselves ruining all other waffles for me forever, is that you're going to make sure each individual waffle square is filled to the top with peanut butter, and then drown the whole thing in about six dollars' worth of pure maple syrup. It's the only way.

Speaking of peanut butter, you're going to run down to your local grocery store, and then every one in a fifty-mile radius if necessary, and pick up a jar (or twelve) of Smuckers natural peanut butter. It's the only way. I consider myself somewhat of a peanut butter connoisseur, and you've gotta trust me on this one. You will buy it. You will love it. You will be ruined forever for all other peanut butters.

Peanut Butter Waffles
adapted from Vegan Brunch
3/4 c natural peanut butter
3 TB maple syrup
3 TB applesauce (or oil, if you wanna be naughty)
2 c soy milk
1 TB cornstarch
1 tsp vanilla
1 1/4 c whole wheat flour
1 c flour
1 TB baking powder
3/4 tsp salt
1 tsp cinnamon

Preheat waffle iron.
Mix peanut butter, syrup, and applesauce until well combined.
In separate bowl, mix milk, cornstarch, and vanilla. Add to batter.
Add dry ingredients to batter and mix until mostly smooth.
Do your waffle cooking thang!

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  1. Lovely!! All other peanut butters are ruined until you MAKE YOUR OWN peanut butter. Yum, it's ruined all store bought PB for me. Homemade Cashew butter and almond butter too.